Project Ideas

Sweet Bees FREE The Buzz from the Garden by Mama Said Sew SB-PROJ1
Sweet Bees UPDATED! Storybook Pattern with FQs by Villa Rosa SB-PROJ10
Sweet Bees Easy Soft Storybook SB-PROJ11
Sweet Bees Crossroads 1/2 Yds & FQs Pattern by Villa Rosa SB-PROJ12
Sweet Bees Easy "Burrito" Pillowcase FREE Pattern w/Tutorial SB-PROJ2
Sweet Bees Bees Knees FQ Quilt by Villa Rosa Designs SB-PROJ3
Sweet Bees Chain Reaction FQ Quilt by Purple Pineapple Studio SB-PROJ4


Sweet Bees Sweet Bees 36" Quilt Panel SB20360-310 Yellow
Sweet Bees Sweet Bees Double Border SB20361-100 White
Sweet Bees Sweet Bees "Bee Kind" SB20362-100 White
Sweet Bees Sweet Bees "Bee Kind" SB20362-310 Yellow
Sweet Bees Sweet Bees Mini Floral & Bees SB20363-100 White
Sweet Bees Sweet Bees Honeycomb Patchwork SB20364-310 Yellow
Sweet Bees Sweet Bees 36" Storybook SB20422-310 Yellow


Squiggle SB20053-101 White
Susy Bees SB20197-100 White
Susy Bees SB20197-310 Yellow
Freehand Stripe SB20105-100 White
Gingham Check SB20268-310 Yellow
Tonal Dot SB20157-310 Yellow
Squiggle SB20053-310 Yellow
Freehand Stripe SB20105-835 Soft Green
Gingham Check SB20268-820 Green
Susy Bees SB20197-820 Green
Swirls SB20103-830 Medium Green
Sunburst Dot SB20104-835 Soft Green
Gingham Check SB20268-420 Light Coral
Tonal Dot SB20157-420 Light Coral
Swirls SB20103-450 Coral
Squiggle SB20053-170 Medium Grey
Squiggle SB20053-190 Dark Grey