Shop Designer Precuts by Laurel Burch & The World of Susybee

NEW VIDEO! Laurel Burch Deep Dive

Learn more about artist Laurel Burch and how Clothworks and Laurel Burch studios are taking her art in exciting new directions. This video features Aarin Burch speaking about her mother's origins as an artist and includes dozens of beautiful photos of Laurel's art and her adventurous life. She traces the arc from Laurel's early jewelry creations to the latest Laurel Burch fabric collection, Earth Song.

Designer Profile

Kendra Binney

Meet Kendra Binney! Kendra works from a small studio in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, but her work frequently overflows throughout her house! She loves a cozy nook where she can curl up on pillows and work on paintings on the floor, and often converts closets into little workrooms for this purpose. You may also find her outside in her woodshop. Wherever she’s working, you can be sure she’ll spend plenty of time on the daydreams that fuel her creativity.

With Serenity, we see a more realistic side to Kendra’s dreamy landscapes. Calling on her mountain-town childhood, she brings us along on this imaginary ramble through sun-dappled meadows and cool valleys. An ideal choice for outdoors-lovers, peace-seekers, and of course for self-care. Delivering November 2024.

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